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Visualising the future of a heritage brand
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in a nutshell

Lloyds Register have led their industry for over 150 years, but 2018 saw the launch of a new strategy to propel their business forward into a new era. We worked with the internal communications team to develop a rich picture representing the story of the business – from its rich heritage to the world around them today and a depiction of their future. This picture was used as a presentation and briefing tool – initially at a conference for global colleagues, and then as part of briefings with regional teams.


the challenge

The outcomes of the rich picture were well defined at the outset:

– To help colleagues understand the Lloyds Register strategy and, more specifically, the parts of it relevant to them

– To get colleagues talking – and get them bought into how the business will develop both now and in the future

– To paint a realistic picture of the starting point and the ambition – without glossing over the challenges that are faced today and may be faced in the future.

“The acid test will be whether or not all of our colleagues can explain (at least part) of the strategy to someone else”

With these outcomes in mind, we began development of the picture…

the response & delivery

The image began with a narrative. This is the story of the business that articulates and contextualises the strategy. Not only did this set the priority order for the messages that needed to feature in the picture, it also went on to form the basis of surrounding communications, speaker notes and briefing instructions.

With the narrative approved, illustration began. With all large-scale illustrations, we take an iterative approach. In this case, that began in pencil. Our Senior Designer, Ritch Nunn worked in sketchbook format in the early stages to enable us to try many different layouts and concepts for visualising the components of the narrative.

With each iteration came feedback and suggestions from the client and their stakeholders, which was absorbed into the next version. Meanwhile, we began moodboards of illustration style and sample sections to test out the look and feel of the image. We settled on a style inspired by cut paper illustrations, with different graphics held on different ‘layers’ of the image.

This allowed us to be playful with perspective and scale to visualise different concepts. The fun part was bringing each component part of the illustration to life in a way that was authentic to Lloyds Register – including a remote operated submarine, an autonomous tug, seaweed farms, drones and virtual reality headsets.

The final image was printed in double-A0 size to be displayed at the Lloyds Register 2018 managers’ conference. It is now being used in ongoing communications.

“The scarlettabbott team really cut to the heart of what we were trying to achieve. They asked the right questions, were easy to work with and highly creative. Thanks for all of your help.”
Nicola Hearn, Lloyd’s Register Head of Internal Communications

the impact

“I love it. It makes so much sense, it lines up business strategies with the group strategy.”

“The picture effectively communicates the journey of change. I’m interested to see people ask themselves ‘How will I be part of the change?'”

“It’s set out in a way that really appeals to how my brain works. I am going to share it with my team as soon as I can.”

Colleague feedback