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Identifying Chivas Brothers’ employee value proposition (EVP)
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In a nutshell

Renowned Scotch whisky maker Chivas Brothers needed an authentic and appealing employee value proposition (EVP) to help them attract the best talent. Using existing data from sources like engagement surveys, colleague workshops and exit interviews, in addition to our own bespoke, qualitative research, we identified the best characteristics of life at Chivas Brothers. We then wove these characteristics into a compelling EVP statement and supporting narrative which we helped communicate via film, social media and live events.

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EVP for use across recruitment and onboarding

The brief

Chivas Brothers, part of the Pernod Ricard beverage group, has a long and proud history of making and supplying Scotch to whisky lovers all over the world. But the company also has a focus on innovation and is striving to be the leader in its field, shaping the future of whisky.

To realise their ambitions, the people at Chivas Brothers need to attract and retain talent across a range of existing and evolving roles. Having never before identified, let alone articulated, an EVP, they asked us to partner with them to take this huge step forward in their employee engagement journey.

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Our response and delivery

We already knew Chivas Brothers pretty well, having been their culture and employee engagement partner since 2020. But we couldn’t rely on our knowledge and instinct to create a value proposition. We know that the essence of an EVP must be discovered and brought to light, not dreamed up.

We analysed a vast quantity of existing data from engagement surveys, previous workshops, exit interviews and comms channels. We also created and conducted our own bespoke focus groups with dozens of team members.

By evaluating these sources, we identified four key themes pertaining to the best aspects of life as a Chivas Brothers employee and we used these to articulate a compelling, authentic EVP statement and a robust supporting narrative.

Of course, an EVP is only useful if people know about it, so we teamed up with Internal Comms, External Comms and the HR team to plan a campaign using film, social media and live events.

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“The team at scarlettabbott led us on a journey to articulate our EVP, and we couldn’t be happier with the result: goosebumps. When an EVP truly resonates, that’s the reaction you get and how we feel when we read ours at Chivas Brothers. Going forward, it will be instrumental in helping us attract and retain those who feel that connection too, and can help us achieve our vision to open up to shape the future of whisky.”
Katrina Maheu, Head of Internal Communications & Culture
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