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Many organisations have beautiful, bespoke workspaces where employees can feel, be and do their best. So why don’t we do the same for our digital spaces?

That was the problem a leading financial instituion faced. Its people had all the power of Office 365 and Poppulo Feeds at their fingertips but were still unable to connect in the ways they needed to.

Our solution? A set of bespoke digital playbooks: guides that give the team the actions, and the confidence, to make the most of its existing digital resources – connecting people, sparking conversations and creating a true sense of community.

This isn’t about yet more investment in new tech and channels – it’s about optimising what they already have.

The brief

After a complete strategic review of their IC function, it became clear that its digital approach wasn’t cutting it. Channels were constantly broadcasting and messages were thrown at audiences without a chance to offer feedback. The team had mastered the art of storytelling, but no one was listening.

The challenge? To harness the previously neglected digital tools already at the team’s disposal and maximise the reach of their communications. But beyond that, they needed a place for people to connect, to converse and to feel a true sense of community through their digital spaces.


Our response and delivery

We kicked off with three workshops with the IC team, one for each of the channels we had identified: Viva Engage, SharePoint and Poppulo Feeds. Once we uncovered what was working, what wasn’t, the gaps in the team’s knowledge and its ambitions, we set about bringing together all our guidance in clear, concise playbooks.

The playbook’s purpose was simple: to be every IC team member’s go-to guide on making the most out of the powerful digital tools at their disposal. To do that, we structured it around our eight digital pillars – the non-negotiable keys that, when harnessed, will supercharge the power of your channels.

Once we had made the complex themes simple, we wrapped it all up in a slick design, complete with the company’s branding.


The Impact

The playbooks were an instant hit with the team. They turned what seemed like a troublesome task – reclaiming and supercharging existing channels – into a simple one.

With easy-to-access guidance on themes such as colleague confidence and adoption, and how to build an army of advocating leaders, the team had clear, actionable steps to sustain engagement across the platforms.

But this isn’t just a ‘one and done’ answer. These playbooks are a sustainable solution for the team; something they can use immediately and well into the future. They’re a solution that will help guide them on their journey to customer centricity and deliver on their strategic blueprint.

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