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In a nutshell

Our client – a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world – operate as a federation, with many different companies forming the group.

We helped the internal communications team tackle a number of challenges when publishing the company’s internal full and half-year results: namely the length of time that it takes to upload the results.

This has the effect of employees not being made aware of the results until mid-morning, significantly later than the external publication.

The format of the results is also restricted, with visuals restricted to a single banner image, and implementing changes was a challenge for their supplier. They had limited visibility on the measurement statistics and the content is only retrievable via a direct link or typing in the URL.

The brief

Our client wanted a solution where all information and collateral can be uploaded easily and quickly, enabling the IC team to share the results with their employees shortly after the external market announcement. It needed to be visually appealing for readers and provide measurement insights into the areas that are most clicked viewed.

The team wanted the solution to be interactive, informative and stand alone as a new communications channel that brings the results to life through great storytelling and a slick user experience: given the time sensitive nature of the content being shared, the solution would need to handle a large amount of traffic and avoid any potential crashes.

The end product also needed to be universally accessible across the company’s complex structure – and easily shared through multiple communication channels.


Our response and delivery

The team told us that: “at the start of the process, we weren’t clear on what we wanted – just what we didn’t want. So having a structured creative process was essential.”

We agreed upon an online publication: an interactive document that has plenty of functionality and can be updated quickly – without needing to be shared again once amends are made. Hosted securely on an Adobe server – particularly important given it would host market sensitive information – the publication could be shared via any channel, only requiring a link to access.

To help manage the process, we created a run book listing all the different elements of the online publication to understand and convey what still needed to be delivered with the team. We also connected our client directly with our design team on the time sensitive launch day – an invaluable reassurance for the team.

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The impact

Readership and interaction with the online publication was significantly higher with previous announcements. The format also provided greater insights to the team – the statistics helping the team to identify what content and formats resonates with readers.

Now, our client has a base design that can be quickly updated each time the results are communicated – thus reducing costs, shortening schedules and simplifying the process.

“I was really impressed with the agile ways of working between us and the account team and overall this was the smoothest ‘new thing’ we have delivered.”
Peggy Curley, Head of Internal Communications
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