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Crisis averted! With the new crisis management elearning for Aviva
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Aviva Crisis 7
in a nutshell

We created a set of four crisis scenario modules to test Aviva’s top leadership teams on how they’d react in a crisis and help them learn from their decision making in the future, should a similar situation occur is real life.

The brief

Aviva wanted us to create an eLearning module to go on their new Aviva University LMS tool to help support the training and decision making made in crisis situations. They had four topics they wanted to cover, and needed an interactive, digital solution to help bring it to life. It needed to feel serious, engaging and give good data off the back of it to help aim users learn about the decisions they’d made and the impact they had on the business.

Aviva Crisis

Our response and delivery

We created a series of four eLearning modules, developed on Articulate Storyboard software, to bring four crisis scenarios to life. Each scenario had a series of questions in it, each other two decision points. Depending on how you answered, you’d be given another question associated with your answer, taking you on the next step in the process.

Users were given the opportunity to log the reasons why they made certain decisions throughout, and at the end were given a decision tree and an outcome as to what happened based on the route they chose. Users could then compare their route to the overall decision tree and see how else they could have answered and the outcomes of those choices.

The measurement captured from the tool then aided Aviva comms experts with information on which areas needed further further training or process guidance to help with any crises that could happen in the future.

Aviva Crisis 11

The impact

The feedback speaks for itself:

"Great Training. Clear, concise and use of decision-making to bring the subject to life was really powerful."

"Fantastic eLearning Module. Promotes rapid, considered, decision making. Looking forward to the next one."

"Thought-provoking exercise. Well crafted, extremely authentic and thought provoking decisions."

"Excellent - really makes you think about how you would respond in such a terrible incident."

"Makes you think... It's very difficult to replicate a live event, however this is a fantastic, thought provoking session, hopefully more to follow!"

"Engaging and thought provoking. Really useful training and easy to engage and work through."

Aviva Crisis 12
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