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The number of sites we rolled out a UK-wide environmental and digital teaser campaign to, based on behavioural science principles.
interviews with senior leaders to create a compelling strategic narrative.
immersive online experience, with three bespoke areas, six interactive touchpoints and two data entry points to gather insight from employees.
In a nutshell

With a new global purpose – “We secure your future” – and a renewed focus on their ‘Simplicity Wins’ 2025 strategic ambitions, Allianz UK needed to make sure that their 4,600 employees understood their direction of travel – but more importantly how they could help deliver it. We created an immersive, digital-first experience that gave each employee the opportunity to explore their role and build a personal connection with Purpose and Strategy.

The brief

Allianz UK had recently defined its global purpose and 2025 strategic ambitions and came to us with a simple aim: every single employee knows the purpose and strategy and where they could help deliver it.

But these messages weren’t ‘new’ as such – many employees had already heard some of these messages as part of previous communications. The challenge now was to make sure these messages landed well across their diverse workforce – to start to create some of the culture change needed across the company to make purpose and strategy a reality.

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Our response and delivery

We took a ‘show, not tell’ approach and created a multichannel engagement campaign that brought the strategy to life for employees; created a character, Alli, to embody the strategy; and crafted a compelling narrative, working with the executive team to articulate what the strategy meant for all parts of the business.

We brought this story to life with a fully immersive visual campaign, which included both printed and digital materials. Across every UK site, Alli’s character appeared on mirrors, walls, light switches, bike parks and desk phones with behavioural ‘nudges’ to encourage employees to think about the future of the organisation in a positive way. Online, there was an intranet takeover with headers, flash banners, news stories and emails.

Our virtual strategy workshops – a first for the company – led employees through the company’s new vision, strategy and ambitions, and encouraged groups to input their commitments on how they intend to live the strategy every day. Workshops were supplemented with offline workshops and a comprehensive leader facilitation guide.

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The impact

Over 2,000 colleagues took part in group-facilitated workshops over a 3-month period where they made team and individual commitments on how to deliver the strategic objectives and live their purpose by being the ‘best’. The teaser campaign caught people’s attention from the beginning and went on to embed the values and commitments outlined in the strategy, into the company’s everyday values.

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“We appointed scarlettabbot because of their fresh and innovative approach to our brief as we needed to cut through the usual corporate noise. Our campaign received excellent feedback and we found the team enthusiastic, professional and lovely to work with.”
Nikki Whitfield, Internal Communications Manager
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