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The world of work is rapidly evolving. Our specialist consultants and speakers are available to help your audiences understand what's going on for employees today – and what's coming next

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From remote digital collaboration to culture change, ​demand for greater diversity to a total overhaul of our workplace environments, the employee experience ​has never been under such scrutiny. ​

So how do we navigate this new landscape? ​

Our experts in engagement & internal communication, ​D&I, behavioural science, strategy, leadership, cultural anthropology and digital transformation can help challenge your current perceptions and accelerate even better thinking.

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Meet our speakers.

Our experts are available for keynotes, quotes and comment on a wide range of topics impacting the world of work

Rachel Thornton, co-founder and director

Strategy and leadership

As well as leading one of Europe's leading employee engagement consultancies, Rachel is an​ in-demand facilitator, executive coach and strategic advisor.​

A gifted big-picture thinker, she works with the C-suite of major brands to accelerate thinking on strategy, leadership and high performance.

Rachel speaks about:

  • Building better leaders and how to communication coach them​
  • Turning strategy into action in complex organisations ​
  • Communicating change to deliver outcomes
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Lindsay Kohler, lead behavioural scientist

Behavioural science

Passionate about human behaviour, Lindsay bridges the gap between academic theory and consultancy ​to create insights employers can actually use to increase engagement and drive meaningful change.

Lindsay talks about:

  • The best ways to motivate employees​
  • What drives employee behaviour​
  • Why people are resistant to change
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Russ Norton, head of client experience

Diveristy and inclusion

The global focus on D&I has ignited conversations which have been needed for a long time.​D&I champion Russ Norton has ​been leading these conversations unflinchingly for years, helping global organisations transform their intention into action.

Russ talks about:

  • Making D&I a strategic priority ​
  • How to craft authentic D&I messaging​
  • How to drive meaningful and lasting D&I change

Tony Stewart, head of digital

Digital transformation

How can digital platforms and technologies help us solve our communication, collaboration and employee engagement challenges? This is the question Tony asks and answers for major global brands every day.

Tony talks about:

  • Digital transformation in internal communications​
  • Enhancing the employee user experience​
  • Building online communities through digital platforms

Lisa Hawksworth, senior consultant

Measurement and culture

Lisa is passionate about internal communications measurement and what it reveals about an organisation's culture. ​

She takes complex data and transforms it into strategies that drive lasting change.

Lisa speaks about:

  • Harnessing organisational culture to drive change​
  • How and what to measure in internal comms ​
  • The hidden stories data can reveal in your organisation
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Dr Alex Gapud

Cultural anthropology

Alex gets under the skin of the day-to-day experiences and interactions that make up an organisation’s culture and affects its people. Through ethnography, interviews and focus groups he helps global brands understand how wider social trends and human experiences can drive positive change in their organisation

Alex talks about:

  • The deep understanding of how culture works ​
  • How culture is a vital component to strategy and change​
  • The cultural elements that enable and support D&I initiatives​
  • The synergies between cultural anthropology and business
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Mike Hogan, head of people

HR, talent and EVP

Mike is passionate about supporting people at all organisational levels, from C-suite to team member, to develop and improve their performance though better thinking, better communication and better collaboration.

Mike speaks about:

  • Leadership and team development & performance​
  • Future organisational learning & development​
  • Future work skills, employability and wellbeing​
  • Creating long-lasting advocacy through employee experience

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