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Deloitte Channel Your Comms case study v3 Deloitte
In a nutshell

The Deloitte internal communications team recently undertook an audit of their internal channels. The findings were clear; there was too much noise, people were overwhelmed, and they didn’t know the best platforms and ways to communicate with each other.

We collaborated with the team to create a high impact, engaging campaign to help create clarity around their channels, how people could get the most from them, and to encourage a reduction in the ‘noise’ of the number of firmwide emails.

emails to the dedicated comms inbox
Over 4,600
views on the campaign intranet news article
conversations across Deloitte around communications, with leaders championing key behaviours and regularly citing in team updates and townhalls

The brief

The team wanted to create a visually engaging campaign with a strong hook that would stand out across their channels and prompt people to think about their own behaviours when it came to using Deloitte’s channels. The number of firmwide emails had become unmanageable, and they needed to find a way to encourage people to use alternative channels that were better suited to the type of messages they needed to share.

With a recent launch of Viva Engage, there was an opportunity to encourage people to explore new ways to communicate with each other and increase take-up.

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Our response and delivery

We knew the campaign needed to be engaging and stand out from the noise to grab attention – and keep it. We developed a concept that played on the theme of music, using catchy song lyrics and creative design to develop a suite of assets that could be used across their channels. These were fun, provocative, and stood out from the usual messages people were accustomed to seeing.

The creative messaging and visual look and feel combined to create a bespoke identity for the campaign – we then designed assets to be used on digital screens, lock screens, the Intranet, Viva Engage graphics and a bespoke Channels guide that helped people to navigate the different platforms and comms Channels and what should be used for different types of communication.

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The Impact

The campaign launched in May 2023 to a positive response across the firm.

Firstly, there was an increase in people interacting with on Viva Engage – one of the key objectives for the campaign. In the first week 33 people reported a mass email to the newly launched mailbox – a place for people to report spam email that wasn’t relevant to them. That figure is now 177.

And, since launch, the campaign intranet news article has had over 4,600 total views – and was the highest read article in May 2023.

Finally, the campaign has sparked countless conversations about communications across Deloitte and is starting to change behaviours. The need to ‘reduce the noise’ is regularly cited by leaders and stakeholders, and colleagues are embracing the shift towards more streamlined, personalised and two-way communications.

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