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In a nutshell

Aviva Investors wanted a simple way to track the impact of their employee events. We developed a digital Moodchecker to help them gauge the feelings of their colleagues.

The brief

Measuring attendance at meetings doesn’t tell you much about how well the messages land, or what impact it has on your people’s feelings or their behaviour. Aviva Investors challenged us to find a simple way of tracking how effective their Town Halls and employee events were. They needed something flexible, quick to deploy and that worked across their global sites.

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Our response and delivery

We were inspired by the moodcheckers you see at IKEA or airport security areas, which ask you to press a button to share how your experience made you feel.

We devised and developed a mobile responsive site that offered employees a choice of four faces: dark green, pale green, light red and dark red. Employees selected an option before heading into an event and then again afterwards – to offer a measure of the resulting impact on the mood of colleagues. After initial testing, we developed a second page that enabled colleagues to enter free text on any given topic.

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The impact

The Moodchecker was deployed across dozens of events, offering specific insight towards the effectiveness of each one. When Aviva Investors moved offices in London, 90 employees submitted suggestions for the particular features and facilities they felt were important to have in their new space. Having trialled the platform successfully in Aviva Investors, it was then adopted by Aviva Group, who used it to track the sentiment of their colleague roadshows.

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