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In a nutshell

Business strategy and growth are tricky subjects to talk about at a performance review, especially if you’ve little experience of them yourself. The Game of Growth allows employees to experience these complexities first-hand, and have better review conversations as a result.

The brief

Growth is an important topic for Aviva, and is an important element of their performance review conversations. However, it’s difficult to talk to colleagues about a topic that few of them have direct experience of.

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Our response and delivery

The best way to understand and empathise with something is to experience it. So we decided to make every employee the CEO of their own business for 15 minutes!

We built a Game of Growth game, where employees were challenged to grow their own financial business through allocating resources and making growth decisions throughout the game, with their results presented to them at the end.

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The impact

The Game of Growth was designed to help Aviva employees understand business growth through experience. It did exactly that, showcasing the key decision-making a business like theirs is challenged to do in order to grow. Through gameplay and the results, it provided useful insight into how the wider business thinks and behaves on this subject, so targeted communications could follow up and continue the growth conversation.

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“Game of Growth = game-changer. Really enjoyed working with you on it. Loving the impact it’s had in the business and excited about how we continue to bring our growth story to life.”
Jon Hawkins, Global Internal Communications, Aviva.
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