Even Better If.

Building better businesses, better leaders, and better selves.

A fantastic resource

Even Better If is all about what human resource managers and internal communicators can do to be "even better" in the areas of improving business outcomes, leadership development, and looking after their people in important dimensions such as health and safety.

There is often a disconnect between academia and change consultants — and practical things practitioners can actually use.

Featuring real-life stories, experiences and perspectives from leaders in the field at companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Facebook, EY, BT, Aviva, Vodafone, Elsevier, Deloitte, CEOs of fin tech companies and more, Even Better If is jam-packed with clear ideas, suggestions, proprietary thinking, models and exercises.

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A conversation with the authors.

Lindsay, Rachel and Charlie talk about the process of writing the book, and what readers can expect from Even Better If

A book for business leaders.

Building better leaders, better teams and better selves.

We intend for this to be a book that stays on your desk. Ear-marked and underlined, Even Better If is a resource you can constantly reference.

After reading, you will have:

  • Practical, actionable models
  • Insights from behavioural science
  • Expertise and viewpoints from leaders

Even Better If takes an in-depth exploration of…

Better businesses

What do the best businesses we know all value and strive to do even better? What is their difference?

In this first section of the book, we’ll explore fresh insights, innovative and practical ideas and the behavioural science behind:

  • Purpose: what it means to truly be a purposeful company and how to run your business with purpose; how to surface your purpose in your own organisation and how purpose strengthens your employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Change: debunking change myths; developing the understanding that change is highly emotional and just what emotions it elicits; pushing aside barriers to change and tips on how to design and deliver change programmes that work
  • Diversity & Inclusion: why it matters to every business; the truths and myths of D&I; some useful exercises to try out yourself and tips to make your D&I efforts even better.
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Better leaders

So much is written about leadership, and for anyone aspiring to improve as a leader, it’s tough to know where to start.

But the job of a leader in any organization should never be confusing. The job of a leader is to continually drive and adapt their business to meet the demands of their future customer.

We created the GOD principle to help leaders address this challenge. In this section, we explore:

  • Growth: the vision to see things better
  • Optimism: the attitude to see opportunity in adversity
  • Disruption: the action to drive improvements through change
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Better selves

It’s our mission to apply behavioural science to traditional internal communication and human resource activities to enable these practitioners to help their employees be healthier, safer, and more financially sound.

In this final section, we’ll explore specific behavioural science interventions for:

  • Health & wellbeing: what is the one key principle that prevents people from taking the actions that are in their own best interest…and what can businesses do about it?
  • Safety: what are the routines and policy decisions that are unwittingly putting us at risk, and how do we measure and improve psychological safety?
  • Financial wellness: what are the key barriers that make being good with money so difficult, and what are practical interventions HR teams can take?
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Expert interviews.

With leaders from major global organisations, including:
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Praise for Even Better If.

Even Better If news

About the authors.

Even Better If brings together expertise from three unique viewpoints.

Rachel Thornton, co-founder, scarlettabbott

As well as leading one of Europe’s leading employee engagement consultancies, Rachel is an in-demand facilitator, executive coach and strategic advisor.

With a 27-year career spanning journalism, in-house and consultancy roles, Rachel has a unique, challenging and fresh perspective on how communication and engagement can positively impact business performance.

Rachel Thornton

Lindsay Kohler, behavioural scientist

Lindsay bridges the gap between academic theory and consultancy to create insights employers can use to increase engagement.

She has more than 10 years of employee engagement consulting experience for Fortune 500 companies and holds an MSc in Behavioural Science from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Her writing appears in a wide variety of industry publications, including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, TheHRDirector, Workforce and Human Resource Executive.

Lindsay Kohler

Charlie Sampson, leadership coach

An acclaimed expert in the field of leadership development, Charlie learned his trade as the Head of Executive Development for Orange in the UK and then later as the Head of Talent at HSBC EMEA, based in Dubai. Armed with this unique insight and knowledge of the habits, skills and mind-set required to progress to the top of a global organisation, Charlie pursued his passion for coaching and launched his executive coaching practice in 2012.

With a reputation for being tough and extremely practical, Charlie pushes individuals and teams to dig deep, step out of their comfort zone and achieve extraordinary results both professionally and personally.

Charlie Sampson
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