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Shop floor colleagues without management responsibility were more likely to want work-related content on their own device.
¾ of colleagues would spend 15 minutes or more reading news and stories from around the business.
Short, punchy, visual content is preferred in both print and digital formats.
In a nutshell

We undertook an internal communications audit with the Sainsbury’s Group to unearth key insights across content, leadership and channels within the business.

Through surveys, face-to-face focus groups and one-to-one leadership interviews, we were able to test the current state of communication, while also probing preferences to identify what their audiences wanted and needed. The insight collected allowed us to develop a series of strategic recommendations. Working as an extension of the Sainsbury’s Group IC team, we embedded these recommendations, including a simple and purposeful channel mix and a content plan that works for the business and its colleagues.

The brief

The IC team at Sainsbury’s asked for our support in re-launching their channels to connect their teams across their many brands and to connect them to their strategy.

To approach this meaningfully, we needed to understand the current state of their IC environment. We started with insight.

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Our response and delivery

Our audits are built on a tried-and-tested methodology, adapted for each client. Working as a team to identify their priorities and test what we could, and should, affect. Involving key stakeholders from the start, we developed an approach suitable for their audiences. Print versions of the online survey enabled us to reach the digitally disconnected while focus groups and interviews with colleagues and leaders gave us the opportunity to explore the why.

We tested findings around the appetite for content, preference of format and perception of leaders across the Sainsbury’s Group to ascertain what audiences needed from their content and channel mix. Presenting our findings and recommendations back to the wider stakeholder groups, we started planning, working as team to develop strategic internal communications across the Sainsbury’s Group.

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The impact

With a clear understanding of what colleagues across Sainsbury’s Group wanted from communication, the IC team at Sainsbury’s Group were able to establish a clear and purposeful channel matrix and develop content strategy fit for their audience.

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