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High-performing cultures, where wellbeing, pride and advocacy thrive, are the result of effective communications and authentic engagement, from the boardroom to the front line.
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What we offer

We partner with HR and internal communications and engagement teams to identify meaningful business outcomes, and achieve them through creative and compelling content, activities and campaigns. We inspire hearts and minds, build discretionary effort and drive true brand advocacy, from the inside out.

Internal Communications & Engagement helps you answer questions like:

  • How do I make sure that my IC and engagement efforts add value?
  • How can IC tackle the issues keeping my CEO awake at night?
  • How do I determine what business activity gets priority and cut-through with our people?
  • How do I understand and reach my audiences effectively, across all my channels?
  • How do I create meaningful, two-way dialogue?
  • How do I turn employee engagement into advocacy and action?
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Brand, purpose, vision & values

We can help you bring your brand to life from the inside out, in authentic and inspiring ways, enabling your people to deliver the brand experience with confidence and enthusiasm.

19 IC Engagement Creative content and design Creative content & storytelling

Our content and creative teams work in conjunction with our professional journalists and IC consultants to deliver work that engages, inspires, and moves people to action.

17 IC Engagement Engagement surveys and workshops
Engagement surveys & workshops

Are your people engaged? Are there more effective ways to reach your audience? We work with you to uncover the data that drives more effective employee engagement.

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Publications & platforms

Online or offline? Long-form or short, snackable content? We partner with you to discover the best tools to reach your audience and produce engaging content that gets noticed.

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Bringing financial results to life
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Co-designing the future of work
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Making an impact on Earth Day and beyond
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Making key information easy to read
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TopIC: IC & Engagement

Producing high-impact employee magazines.
Print is still a highly effective way to reach people, but faces pressure from the perception of cost and sustainability. If an employee magazine forms part of your channel mix, we can help you make sure every square centimetre works as hard as possible to drive value in your organisation.
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Upskilling your internal communication team.
Internal storytelling is a unique skill to our industry. Internal communications teams are responsible for creating everything from senior leader speeches to intranet articles and everything in between. Increasingly, IC is producing rich media like podcasts, webinars, videos and animations. Our team of ex-journalists and content specialists have devised a number of training sessions to give your team the skills you need for today’s fast-paced digital world.
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Achieving the perfect tone of voice.
How you say things conveys just as much meaning as what you say. An inappropriate tone can disengage an audience before they’ve even reached your key message. Our content consultants can help you refine and define a tone of voice for your campaign, channels or leaders. Getting this right from the outset means you’ll achieve authenticity, consistency and, ultimately, delivery of your desired objectives.
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Developing your content strategy.
For great content to be sustainable, it requires a strategy and a few simple – but essential – components. With these building blocks in place, you’ll have a content strategy that wins stakeholder buy-in, smooths the path for delivery and maximises your budget too.
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