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In a nutshell

EY wanted their employees to focus on three important themes to accelerate the performance of the firm: Talent, Technology and Trust (the 3Ts). They challenged us to devise a new digital game to take colleagues on a journey to understand each theme and how they could help deliver it.

We created an immersive digital environment – Our 3T Experience that employees explored as a team. In the experience, people watched videos that introduced each topic and played games that encouraged them to explore the ideas in more detail.

The brief

Our brief was to build on last year’s team discussion format – which had been a printed board game – and find a way to explore three distinct but equally important topics within a 90-minute session.

The 3Ts were previously unknown across the firm, so our challenge was not just to raise awareness of them, but guide people to their own conclusions about the part they play in unlocking the potential each topic offers the business.

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Our response and delivery

We devised an interactive session centred around an immersive digital experience, containing videos, games and feedback surveys. Each T was represented by a different visual identity, to help them feel distinct and interesting – and these were used to create not only the immersive environments but also high-impact promotional collateral.

The session used gameplay and facilitated group discussion to explore different interpretations of the 3Ts and to challenge preconceptions people may have had about them. To guide the sessions, facilitators were given a simple map and one-page guide to each topic. Through play, quizzes and challenges, each user learned about the topics, sparking ideas about what they mean to that individual and powering conversations that create deeper understanding.

Behind the scenes, site analytics offered us detailed metrics, showing which elements employees understood and which they may have needed more support with.

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The impact

  • ‘We can adopt new technology’ – people on average scored 68/100
  • ‘We can create a sense of belonging’ – people on average scored 75/100
  • ‘We can help maintain trust’ – people on average scored 78/100

The data generated by the site enabled us to break down scores by Service Line, which meant we could analyse the different interpretations and narrow down any follow-up actions that could help drive up engagement even further.

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