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Whether you're looking for ways to engage people with your stategy, want to explore how film and animation can help you tell more compelling stories, or want to know how to use data to better understand your culture, we have you covered.

Our expert team have created a suite of guides to give you some inspiration.

Culture & Insights.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 17 avoidingthecultureclash Culture diagnostic

Your culture is the DNA of your organisation. The more you understand it, the better you can leverage and influence it. And that means a smoother and more effective path to your strategic goals.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 2 Anthropology Pulling out the open secrets

Ready for a fresh take on the employee experience? Let's explore six key principles for harnessing the power of cultural anthropology and ethnography for employee engagement.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 3 Remote Teams Creating thriving remote teams

The most successful companies see remote working as a competitive advantage for their workforce. Here are some key questions to ask.

Topic thumnail Mergers and acquisitions Mergers and acquisitions. Cultural collision or harmonious blend?

How do you handle the employee experience during mergers and acquisitions? What actions can you take to make sure the transition goes smoothly, help your employees to excel, and encourage collaboration among colleagues?

People & Change.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 5 Purpose The secret purposeful companies know

Your purpose is one of the most important tools you can harness to help motivate your people, so it’s important to get it right.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 6 Strategy Getting people excited about your strategy

Let's explore a simple structure that helps you get your people excited about your strategy.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 7 Values The value of values

In many organisations, values start to gather dust. But values, when authentically surfaced and thoughtfully written, serve important functions in your business. Find out how.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 8 Resilience Resilience and reflection

To guide you and your teams on making the most of moments of reflection, we’ve developed a simple exercise. You can use this for yourself, or share with your teams.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 9 Diversity Who's afraid of D&I?

Despite best efforts, many D&I programmes might not be delivering the outcomes they are supposed to. In this whitepaper, we explore an idea – based on a psychological model – that could explain why.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 10 Onboarding A guide to incredible onboarding

If the first onboarding experience you create is fantastic, when it does come time for your employee to move on, you can bet they’ll be saying good things about you to future talent and their networks. Find out how.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 11 ESG Businesses with a cause

The stories of your efforts in this space need to be shared externally and internally to reaffirm your ESG commitments to a broad group of stakeholders. And the most important stakeholder? Your people.

Developing your EVP Developing your EVP
An EVP statement isn’t just a slogan, tagline or logo. It’s something that should resonate with potential recruits and something employees should recognise as a fair representation of life here.
SA Whitepaper i Pad 20 Wellbeing Wellbeing at work

Few organisations doubt that wellbeing matters. But leading companies understand that it is a key enabler of business performance.

Explore our guide to supporting your workforce and unlocking that powerful productivity.

IC & Engagement.

Guides to help you tell stories with impact
SA Whitepaper i Pad 13 Film v2 Mastering the moving image

Take a tour through the must-know elements of video production and peek behind the scenes of the work we do for our clients.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 14 Mosaic Content Mosaic content

Our mosaic content method takes your biggest stories and divides them into compelling pieces designed to work perfectly for the channels you use to reach your people.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 19 Storytelling More than words

Storytelling is the oldest form of communication because it’s personal, memorable and intimate. Plus, we’re curious!

Explore how to keep your people hooked through stories.

The Point.

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