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Staying on track
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in a nutshell

After successfully delivering a co-creation process to devise Southeastern’s new values, we continued to work with the Senior Leadership Team by developing a big picture learning exercise to roll out the company strategy to their entire workforce.

Working in conjunction with several teams from across the business, we developed an interactive and thought-provoking big picture comprising of a work mat, exercise and discussion cards, facilitator guide and dialogue card.

Our team spent time with a specially selected group from Southeastern to provide expert training on how to deliver the sessions in-house, giving them a cost-effective and flexible way to roll the sessions out across the business.


the challenge

As a train operator, Southeastern has a wide range of functions and as a result, one size does not fit all. We therefore developed two additional, bespoke versions of the big picture that could be used specifically with drivers and engineering teams.

For engineers, we updated all materials with information and discussion topics that were relevant to the challenges facing them. For drivers, we built an entirely custom version of the exercise in Prezi, to help grab attention as part of scheduled learning and development days.

the response & delivery

For many of the employees who attended big picture sessions, it was the first time they had met and interacted with colleagues from other departments. By itself, this simple interaction helped them gain a better understanding of the entire business and how they all fit together. When our big picture was added to the mix, people felt engaged, valued and part of the strategic conversation.

The response to the big picture was overwhelmingly positive, and was unlike anything else that Southeastern employees had been involved in.


big pictures


colleagues involved
of values



the impact

“The big picture has been a great success and the three versions that were developed made it relatable for everyone, regardless of their role within the business. The approach and interactive nature made it feel new, exciting and memorable for everyone.”

Eugene McConlough, Head of Engagement and Inclusion