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Keeping gambling fun
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in a nutshell

We worked with the internal communications team at Ladbrokes to build a fun and engaging identity for their Keeping Gambling Fun campaign. We drove employee engagement across Europe with a slick short film featuring real colleagues and a handy guide to the campaign.


the challenge

Our main aim was to help raise awareness and understanding around problem gambling, as well as the significant investment Ladbrokes makes to promote and support responsible gambling. The campaign needed to bust some gambling myths and highlight Ladbrokes commitment to responsible gambling.

We were tasked with developing a creative treatment, short film and printed storyteller that linked together to form a coherent and recognisable campaign. The strapline Keeping Gambling Fun was provided as a starting point for our creative process of reaching Ladbrokes’ 14,700 employees.

Our campaign needed to complement the usual drumbeat of internal communications, as well as the high-impact marketing communications that Ladbrokes is famous for, as the short film would be broadcast in stores via Ladbrokes TV to be viewed by employees.

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the response & delivery

We started the process by developing a wide range of creative concepts for the strapline. The final design had to fit in with the iconic Ladbrokes branding, whilst also standing out from other regular communications. The client chose a simple design, which clearly communicated the strapline, used a secondary colour from their brand palette and had a cheeky play on the Ladbrokes ‘L’.

Our short film was shot on site in London with two serving Ladbrokes employees who were also quoted in the storyteller, helping to form a clear link between the two. We worked closely with Ladbrokes to create the narrative for the film to give real examples of how Ladbrokes’ commitment to responsible gambling has manifested in employees.

The printed storyteller was distributed to more than 12,500 employees throughout Europe and along with our short film, formed a key discussion point for managers and their teams. This received a large amount of positive feedback from within Ladbrokes.





short film


Ladbrokes’ employees

the impact

“The short film was a change of pace to Ladbrokes’ usual style, made famous in their TV adverts, and coupled with the strong narrative, helped capture attention and raise awareness amongst employees.”