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Energy Heroes
back to grid

in a nutshell

Dripping taps and left-on lights aren’t good for the environment. Or overheads. Marston’s needed a compelling campaign to land with its team and change the way they acted. Enter Energy Heroes – a graphic team of superheroes and villains set to take over the Marston’s world.


the challenge

With more than 1,500 pubs, Marston’s can be energy intensive. Little things like left-on gas burners were making a sizeable dent in profits – and the environment. They needed behavioural change from more than 14,000 people. Words alone just weren’t enough. So we stepped in.

the response & delivery

People need a reason to make a change, otherwise no one owns it. So, we created infographic posters, manager, top tip guides for teams and stickers for back of house areas. These explained how to save energy and become an Energy Hero.

Our creatives developed a compelling campaign based on superheroes and villains. Evil fridges poured icy breath on open doors and dishwashers foamed at the mouth. Scary, huh?

the impact

Behavioural change is already happening with #EnergyHeroes across the country reporting faults that have been wasting energy for too long. We immediately received dozens of comments from managers after launch and saw a spike in reports of energy-wasting faults. Our client says: “The Energy Heroes campaign was so much fun to work on. The materials actually made us want to read about saving energy and we had a great response from people when we launched the initiative.”