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Driving digital collaboration with KPMG
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in a nutshell

When KPMG Global decided to build a social platform to encourage inter-team, functional and cross country collaboration, they came to us to help them ‘get the social party started’.


the challenge

KPMG wanted more than just social platform. They wanted a central place where colleagues could collaborate, create projects streams, and cross geographical boundaries. And, of course, they needed to engage, excite and educated their people in a brand new way of working.

the response & delivery

We designed an integrated campaign to showcase the key functionality and benefits of ‘the Hub’ and also to drive usage in the early days and weeks. The countdown began early with a teaser campaign to build engagement over a prolonged period of time, and maintained messaging throughout launch and beyond with multi-channel graphics and signposts to nudge colleagues into action.

The ‘Like it, Love it, Hub it’ campaign captured the attention of colleagues across the business – encouraging them to ‘join the conversation’ at key points in the working day. The snappy, short strapline felt agile, social and easy to use, while elevating the name of the platform high into the everyday consciousness of employees.

the impact

40% profile registration in the first week and 50% of UK employees using the platform within the first month.