Our People.

JEZ 800x800 Pixels portrait
Jeremy Petty
Managing director
scarlettabbott Rachel Thornton
Rachel Thornton
Co-founder and director
JA 800x800 Pixels portrait
Jonathan Abbott
Monika Beniusiene
Monika Beniusiene
Head of business development
scarlettabbott Russ Norton
Russell Norton
Head of client experience
KATE 800x800 Pixels portrait
Kate Went
Marketing manager
Laura Hutchinson
Laura Hutchinson
HR manager
BIBB 800x800 Pixels portrait
Richard Bibby
Procurement and partnerships manager
scarlettabbott Lindsay Kohler
Lindsay Kohler
Lead behavioural scientist
scarlettabbott Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart
Head of digital
LISAH 800x800 Pixels portrait
Lisa Hawksworth
Senior consultant
AL 800x800 Pixels portrait
Alastair Atkinson
Senior consultant
Justin Bateman 800x800
Justin Bateman
Senior consultant
Steph Finn
Senior consultant
Lu McKay
Senior consultant
scarlettabbott Matt Cassell
Matt Cassell
Senior consultant
scarlettabbott Ali Langley
Ali Langley
scarlettabbott Polly Dowson
Polly Dowson
Senior consultant
scarlettabbott Lydia Edwards
Lydia Edwards
Head of project delivery
Hester Lonergan 800x800
Hester Lonergan
scarlettabbott Dr Alex Gapud
Dr Alex Gapud
scarlettabbott Tony Beresford
Tony Beresford
Head of creative consultancy
CRAG 800x800 Pixels portrait
Craig Bentley
Head of creative consultancy
JONNY 800x800 Pixels portrait
Jonny Gatenby
Senior creative
scarlettabbott Pete Fletcher
Pete Fletcher
Senior creative
AK 800x800 Pixels portrait
Andrew Kelly
Senior creative
JOSH 800x800 Pixels portrait
Josh McRandal
Senior creative
scarlettabbott Sophie Winship
Sophie Winship
scarlettabbott Pip Burton
Pip Burton
JENK 800x800 Pixels portrait
Jennifer Kealey
scarlettabbott Russ Williams
Russ Williams
Teri Edge 800x800
Teri Edge
Motion graphics designer
scarlettabbott Sarah Todd
Sarah Todd
Account and project manager
scarlettabbott - Lucy Stead
Lucy Stead
Project delivery manager
scarlettabbott - Leila Mc Causland
Leila McCausland
Project delivery manager
Goda Pilibaityte 800x800
Goda Pilibaityte
Project manager
Ellen Newsome 800x800
Ellen Newsome
Project delivery manager
ELLE 800x800 Pixels portrait
Elle Bradley-Cox
Senior writer and editor
PADDY 800x800 Pixels portrait
Patrick Halkett
Senior writer and editor
Lucy Clapham 800x800
Lucy Clapham
Senior writer
CONNOR 800x800 Pixels portrait
Connor Faulkner
Writer and editor
scarlettabbott Jacqui March
Jacqui March
Finance director
JESS 800x800 Pixels portrait
Jess Howden
Finance assistant
JIM 800x800 Pixels portrait
Jim Munday
Office manager
Charlie Sampson
Charlie Sampson
Leadership & performance coach
Terri Wade 800x800
Terri Wade
Associate senior consultant

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