Pete Fletcher.

Creative consultant

Pete brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project he works on, from conception to completion. With over 20 years of creative experience, much of it focused on internal communications, he excels at bringing together core client needs and a clear creative vision.

Previously working with a diverse range of clients, from small aspirational start-ups to global leaders, before joining us in 2019, he brings a drive to tackle even the most ambitious creative challenges.

“My passion for creativity drives me, spotting opportunities to innovate and explore. Creating something special, meaningful and effective to ensure that what I do makes a genuine difference, through insight, storytelling, and design.”

What lights you up outside of work?

“Outside of work, I definitely recharge by being around people. I prefer quiet local pubs with no crowds or hustle and bustle, where I can be found on the darts board or deep in discussions over a quiz. From fine dining fillet steaks to down and dirty bespoke burgers, interesting food will always entice me out.

Whether I’m trying something new and exciting or relaxing in more familiar surroundings, I’ll be sat there happy in the knowledge that soon enough I’ll be back home, enjoying a tantalising tipple from my ever-expanding drinks cabinet, watching Doctor Who or something exciting and adventurous on the box, and thinking about going to bed. After all, as Matt Smith once said, ‘Everything’s got to end sometime. Otherwise, nothing would ever get started.’”

Articles by Pete

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