Tony Stewart.

Head of digital

With 18 years of experience in the internal communications field, Tony uses his knowledge of online employee communities and the exciting digital tools available to bridge the gap between the ‘art of the possible’ and creating meaningful change and value for employees and organisations around the world.

In the 6 years Tony has been at scarlettabbott, he’s developed business-aligned digital communications strategies, designed gamified education tools, launched successful enterprise social networks, supported the rollout of business-wide office applications and spoken widely about the benefits of digital communications for employees and business, while always making sure the subject remains accessible, realistic and interesting too.

Tony feels it’s an exciting time for digital communications and employee engagement. With the rise of remote working and the importance of communications and collaboration that remains accessible, timely and informative, there’s never been a better time to explore how these powerful online tools can support business goals and objectives, while supporting the creation of rich, interesting and exciting business cultures too.

What lights you up outside of work?

“I can usually be found Twitching my favourite computer games with my online community. I also love taking photos, and creating music videos and animated contentfor Berlin’s vibrant queer artists — and even getting on stage myself either hosting or performing gender-nonconforming drag shows that are broadcast live around the world.”

Articles by Tony

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