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Image Carousel4 Employee experience

From the very first touch point, to offboarding and everything in between, each and every interaction your people have with you influences how they feel.

The experience we have at work has never been more important, and nailing the employee experience is key to maintaining and retaining a happy workforce.

07 Strategy Defining IC Employee value proposition (EVP)

Globally, one in three new employees leave their employer within 90 days of arriving. Two in five of those say it’s because their experience of the business didn’t align with their expectations.

By identifying and communicating an authentic EVP, organisations can save themselves a lot of pain and put themselves at a competitive advantage.

18 IC Engagement IC professional development Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are a keystone of all positive and progressive organisations. A litmus test for internal cultures, it’s without doubt a powerhouse of wellbeing and performance.

13 Culture Change Diversity and inclusion research Aligning your people to your purpose

Your purpose is one of the most important tools you can harness to help motivate your people, so it’s important to get it right.

Image Carousel5 Living your values

Think of values as a translator between the loftier purpose and the practical, day-to-day actions to live out that purpose and get things done.

Values often have more emotion attached to them then purpose, and that emotion is a strong motivator of behaviour.

08 Strategy Channel and content Learning and development

The jobs and skills needed in a modern workforce are constantly changing. Nine in ten leaders say they’re currently facing skill gaps or expecting them to develop in the next five years. Make sure your people have the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the business, while also fulfilling their own development goals.

Image Carousel19 Health and wellbeing

Employers have a tremendous ability and responsibility to positively impact their peoples’ health and wellbeing. With almost half of employees experiencing daily stress and burnout at an all-time high, helping your people stay healthy and encouraging them to adopt better habits and boundaries can keep them productive and engaged.

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Rachel Thornton.
Co founder and director
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Rachel Thornton
Lu McKay.
Director of consultancy
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Lu McKay
Alastair Atkinson.
Director of consultancy
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Alastair Atkinson
Russ Norton.
Director of client experience
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Russ Norton
Lindsay Kohler.
Lead behavioural scientist
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Lindsay Kohler
Charlie Sampson.
Executive leadership coach
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Charlie Sampson
Harry Grout.
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Harry Grout

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