Learning and development.

Learning opportunities are a key retention tool. When employees feel they’ve access to learning and development opportunities at work they’re 21 per cent more engaged than those who don’t.*
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Why learning and development?

The jobs and skills needed in a modern workforce are constantly changing.

90% of leaders say they’re currently facing skill gaps or expecting them to develop in the next five years**. Make sure your people have the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the business, while also fulfilling their own development goals.

How we can help.

Learning design and delivery

We’ll work with you to design bespoke eLearning modules or workshops (physical or digital), targeted by skill, topic and relevance. It can be compliance training, learning new organisational skills, educating your people about your new business strategy and everything in between — we make learning fun and engaging.

We’re platform agnostic and can work within your current LMS or develop a custom online learning hub.

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Internal communication upskilling

Our specialists can design and run custom workshops that meet your team where they are.

These could focus on: understanding how to measure your campaigns and channels; learning to become terrific storytellers; mapping out a strategy; and writing copy that keeps an audience hooked.

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Getting your learning resources to your people

Have an amazing suite of learning and development materials already at your fingertips, but no one is using them?

We can design custom communication campaigns that remove the obstacles to those resources and make your team want to use them.

Sources: *CultureAmp **Work Ramp

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How we’ve helped our clients.

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Get the guide.

Learning to grow

Our worlds of work are changing. As the digital realm expands and an increasing number of non-humans enter the workforce, we need a whole new set of skills.

Fortunately, the next generation of workers are hungry for learning and progression, citing development opportunities as a key reason when choosing who they want to work for.

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