Employee value proposition (EVP).

Globally, one in three new employees leave their employer within 90 days of arriving. Two in five of those say it’s because their experience of the business didn’t align with their expectations. On average, these departures cost businesses around £30,000 per leaver. By identifying and communicating an authentic EVP, organisations can save themselves a lot of pain and put themselves at a competitive advantage.
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What’s an EVP?

An EVP is a clear articulation of what employees can expect of their employer and what the business expects in return. In a competitive labour market, it can be a powerful attraction tool and, because it helps align expectations with reality, it can increase the likelihood of new joiners staying put.

For those already in the business, articulating the EVP gives everyone an implicit right to hold themselves, and each other, accountable to clear expectations of the employer-employee relationship.

How we can help.

Persuade your stakeholders

If you’re an HR or employee experience director, you’ll understand the value of having a strong EVP. However, it’s sometimes necessary to persuade other board members.

We can help you create the business case for an EVP. We’ll make sure your stakeholders understand the concept of an EVP and its constituent parts, help them distinguish EVP from employer brand and company brand, and give them sight of the benefits of an EVP.

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Dig into the data

Once you’re ready to develop your EVP, or refresh an existing one, we’ll manage the process from start to finish.

A research team, led by our cultural anthropologist, will examine your existing internal data – things like employee engagement surveys, cultural audits or town hall outputs – before looking at how your external competitors talk about their employee value propositions. We’ll then conduct a qualitative listening programme among leaders, managers and employees to get a clear picture of realities, perceptions and aspirations. By analysing the findings from this entire research process, we’ll identify the key themes that should be integral to your EVP and play them back to your leadership team. Finally, we’ll craft your EVP statement and supporting narrative, honing and finalising it in collaboration with you and your stakeholders.

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Tell the story

Having defined your EVP, we’ll help you communicate it.

We’ll develop an engagement strategy and key message framework to give you consistency as you tell the story of your EVP. Using our mosaic content approach, we’ll then communicate it among colleagues, harnessing people-led stories and proof points, with the aim of making your employees advocates for your business.

Importantly, we’ll work with your HR teams to review and update attraction, recruitment and onboarding materials, and we’ll partner with your external comms team to convert internal EVP stories into valuable social media content.

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Get the guide.

Developing your employee value proposition

An EVP statement isn’t just ​a slogan, tagline or logo.​

It’s something that should resonate ​with potential recruits and something employees should recognize as a fair representation of life here.

How can you create an EVP that truly hits the mark? Download our free guide to find out.

Developing your EVP

Download the guide.

How we've helped our clients.

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Identifying Chivas Brothers’ employee value proposition (EVP)
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