Employee experience.

From the very first touch point to offboarding and everything in between, each and every interaction your people have with you influences how they feel. The experience we have at work has never been more important, and nailing the employee experience is key to maintaining and retaining a happy workforce.
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How we can help.

We can help you maximise each touchpoint in the day-to-day experience. Here's how:

Making onboarding excellent

From the moment the offer letter is sent, that first employee impression begins and onboarding in a virtual world has additional complexities.

We’ll workshop with you on how to improve your onboarding experience. From bringing in best practices from our rich database of clients, to using our behavioural and cultural experts to dive deeper into your unique challenges, you’ll leave the session with a solid plan for making your onboarding experience shine.

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Mapping the employee journey

An employee journey map takes you through all the key touchpoints your people will experience over the course of a set time or activity. While this is normally associated with understanding the customer journey, we can apply it to the world of work.

What this does is show us the moments that matter, and allow us to leverage those moments in time for maximum impact.

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Keeping motivation high

Motivating your people to deliver against your strategy can sometimes be a challenge. But we understand the science of motivation — ability, impact, and reward — and will work with you to create a nuanced and bespoke campaign that dials up the right motivations at the right time to encourage action.

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