Aligning your people with your purpose.

Surface purpose

Make your purpose fit for purpose

Are you ready to meet the challenges ahead, knowing your people have a sense of confidence and connection in what your organisations goals are, and their role in helping achieve them?

Your purpose is one of the most important tools you can harness to help motivate your people, so it’s important to get it right.

How we can help.

What we’ll do

  • Help you create your purpose task force
  • Conduct research
  • Take your stakeholders on a journey
  • Use the Surfacing Your Purpose questionnaire
  • Run a purpose workshop with your purpose taskforce
  • Nail the purpose statement
02 Insights Short term impact

What you’ll get

Your fully-formed purpose statement with full internal stakeholder buy-in.

We are also well-placed to create your purpose re-launch engagement plan and all supporting materials.

03 Insights Long term strategic

Get the guide.

The secret purposeful companies know

Purpose is why you exist. In turn, it should inform the company values that determine your ambitions and guide business decisions. Your purpose statement is not just words on a page. It provides organisations and colleagues with a shared structure. It is a short-hand language and the rule book upon which to make decisions, behave and be.

Think of purpose like a filter through which your business sees the world and finds its place in it.

SA Whitepaper i Pad 5 Purpose

Download the guide.

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