Having access to robust and detailed insights is the only way to make truly informed strategic decisions that create meaningful change and value.
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What we offer

Insights form the foundation of our value chain, allowing us to identify how and where to optimise your investment.

Through highly qualified research, measurement and evaluation, both long-term and in the moment, we identify what colleagues really want and need to unlock their full potential. This approach keeps everyone focused on desired outcomes and provides demonstrable return on investment.

Insights help you answer questions like:

  • What do our people want and need to reach their full potential?
  • What are the underlying business issues and opportunities?
  • Where do we focus our efforts to greatest effect?
  • How do I get answers to tough questions?
  • How do I know if we’re achieving our goals?
  • How do I prove we’re adding value not cost?
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Listening activities, surveys & focus groups

Where broader foundation work is required, we devise bespoke qualitative and quantitative research programmes.

Informed by behavioural science, these are powerful tools that enable us to harvest critical insights from the full breadth and depth of your organisation.

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Workshops & discovery

These are hands-on, high energy and interactive workshop sessions.

Their purpose is to surface and evaluate your unique set of challenges and opportunities, leading to the co-creation of a robust, bespoke measurement strategy.

The Measurement Matrix©.

We’ve developed a range of best practice solutions, founded in academic theory, that enable IC and employee engagement teams, and their organisations, to finally get to grips with IC measurement.
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TopIC: Insights

Gathering insights to make better decisions.
Some people say that measuring the effectiveness of internal communications is difficult – we beg to differ! There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but that’s why we’ve developed a range of measurement solutions to help you uncover the data and feedback you need to make informed decisions about your best next steps.
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