The Measurement Matrix©.

There’s a commonly held belief that measurement is difficult. We beg to differ.

What is The Measurement Matrix©?

Great insight inspires action. It helps you to understand where you are now, evaluate ongoing performance and unearth the tangible proof-points that can be turned into meaningful action.

We pride ourselves on a simple, pragmatic and outcome-focused approach to insight. One that teams can use to prove and improve.

Our range of best-practice solutions are founded in academic theory and tried and tested in the real world. Whether you want to deep-dive into a single issue, measure the overall impact of all your IC channels or assess the effectiveness of a single campaign, our measurement model gives you the practical approach and tools you need to gather insight that has impact.

Discover our measurement tools

Each component part of our measurement matrix can be used in isolation, combination or can incorporate all four solutions depending on the outcomes you’re looking to measure.

7749 Measurement Matrix thumbnails 2023 ICaudit©

A detailed audit to evaluate your IC landscape

7749 Measurement Matrix thumbnails 20234 Communications deep-dives

Focused research to explore how people use, receive and engage with communications

7749 Measurement Matrix thumbnails 20233 Campaign and event tracking

The short-term and time-bound measurement of specific projects, events or campaigns

7749 Measurement Matrix thumbnails 20232 Strategic IC evaluation

The regular measurement and evaluation of IC performance, aligned to your strategy

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