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High-performing IC teams undertake periodic research to understand what their audience want and need – and to confirm they have the resources and governance in place to deliver.
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What is an IC team structure, resource, ​and governance review?

High-performing IC teams undertake periodic research to understand what their audience want and need – and to confirm they have the resources and governance in place to deliver.

This is less about proving what’s working well now, ​and more about envisioning the optimum future state and ​ operating model. A review helps you to explore best practice in the ​wider industry, and the form and function of best-in-class IC teams, applying that outside-in perspective to your organisational design.​

Uncovering any gaps (and opportunities) in channel performance, ​skills or team structure is only part of the picture. If we discover that structural changes would improve your ability to deliver strategic objectives and outcomes, you need to be ready to shore up your team’s foundations to make a case for additional IC investment.

How we do it.

We’ll add value by undertaking this review in the spirit of a ‘critical friend.’ As an outside consultancy, we bring our experience and expertise to every project, and we’ll ask the tough questions that might otherwise be avoided. Our approach guides you through four phases. This is a best practice iterative research methodology – using one data set to inform the next – that will help us to develop robust recommendations. Beyond data, we can work out what’s going on in your people’s day-to-day world and what’s fallen through the cracks through ethnography – a research method to observe human behaviour used by cultural anthropologists. This will open up a deeper level of insight that you might be missing.

Current state

In this first phase, we’ll gather the insight to fully understand your current state. We’ll apply our expertise from the ​IC industry, anthropology, and digital technology to deep dive and build the most exact picture of IC at your company. We’ll also conduct desk research to better understand what’s happening in the industry and with your competitors.

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Future state

You need to understand how IC can best enable your business strategy. The starting point is to understand what point in the journey you’re on and where you need to be. And this is a balance: it’s defining the perspective of leaders, establishing how you interact with other functions and better understanding the wants and needs of your audience.

Through interviews and ethnography, we’ll design the desired state for your company to elevate and optimise IC’s impact, outcomes and outputs.

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Understanding the gap

Great research goes beyond the numbers and listening to what people say. It also involves ​a thorough understanding of what people do and don’t do.

For three days, we’ll become a part of your team as our director of consultancy, head of digital and cultural anthropologist observe how your channels and your team work – and explore the gap between where you ​are now and where you want to be.

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Report and recommendations

In this final phase, we’ll bring together the insights from the desk research, interviews and ethnography to compile a report that assesses your current state and proposes your desired future state.

Presenting our recommendations, we’ll then work collaboratively with you to shape a final proposal and a plan that you and your team can work towards.

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