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Focused wellbeing insights to drive productivity.​
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The irrefutable link between wellbeing and productivity

Prioritising the wellbeing of your people can drive individual effectiveness and organisational performance.

While every organisation is looking for marginal gains that boost performance and growth, the short-term drive for productivity can have unintended consequences: negatively impacting peoples’ wellbeing and damaging business performance in the long-term.

Organisations that focus on wellbeing and optimise working conditions will succeed and grow.

If you're hearing these comments in your business, PRiME can help.

Introducing PRiME.

Using wellbeing insights to drive meaningful action

Having the data set is one thing. It’s what you do with it that matters. Big, unwieldy engagement surveys generate a multitude of data points.

Sometimes, the aggregation of that data isn’t useful or actionable – and it can be difficult for managers to know what to do next.

At scarlettabbott, we pride ourselves on generating insights that drive meaningful action. That’s why our approach to surfacing wellbeing insights is simple, focused and pragmatic.

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What is PRiME

Helping your people reach their prime at work starts with understanding where they currently are on the four key indicators of wellbeing:

  • Psychological safety
  • Readiness to work
  • Motivation
  • Emotional commitment

People often want to go straight to measuring colleague engagement and emotional commitment. They want to create brand advocacy, an army of advocates and for all colleagues to recommend their organisation as a place
to work.

However, without the building blocks of psychological safety, readiness and motivation in place, you can’t expect to dramatically turn the dial on colleagues’ emotional commitment or discretionary effort.

Think of it like a hierarchy of wellbeing needs. When you understand – and meet - those needs, you can enable people to work at their prime.

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How do we deliver PRiME?

PRiME deploys a simple survey at regular intervals, with your question set on a specific topic, depending on your specific challenge.

We deploy that question set – of fewer than ten academically sourced and ratified questions – every month, for six to 12 months, to the team(s) you feel would best benefit from the insights.

But we don’t leave it there. Each quarter, we’ll work with you to review the insights and identify specific, pragmatic actions to help managers improve their results.

We’ll stay involved as you build the skill to get to the results you need.

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