6th Apr 2022
3 Min Read

GUIDE | The value of values

Lindsay Kohler
Lindsay Kohler
People & Change

The word “values” in a corporate setting can sometimes get lumped into a murky well of buzzwords that represent pivotal business functions, such as ‘mission’ and ‘vision.’

While all of these terms serve distinct purposes – mainly to inspire your people and unite them around a certain end goal – your values give you the how.

Values translate who you are and how your people treat each other and customers into tangible behaviours. And it is those behaviours that guide day-to-day work.

Your values:

  • Act as a code of conduct
  • Can provide a roadmap for promotion and progression
  • Can kickstart every day conversations
  • Are the ultimate sense check for business decisions

Now, more than ever, companies are looking to see if their values are still fit for purpose, given a changing business landscape and priorities.

Our value of values whitepaper outlines why values are so much more than a buzzword; where values sit in a larger business landscape; how to use your values to enhance collaboration and team cohesion; and clearly articulates the important job values have to do in a business.

Download - The values of values.

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