8th Jan 2021
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VIDEO | Supporting remote working parents

Kate Went
Kate Went
Culture & Change

Lockdown 3.0 brings with it yet more juggling for already exhausted working parents. We might have a little more experience this time around but it doesn‘t make balancing childcare, schooling and business any easier.

So, how can employers help?

Dr Alex Gapud was joined by colleague Matt Cassell and our guest Jen Butcher, communications manager at AB Connect, to talk about how IC and HR teams can support parent colleagues through the challenging months ahead.

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Looking for a specific question? Here are the timestamps:


Introduction to the session.

Jen and Matt discuss their experiences juggling remote working as parents.


What are some practical ways employers can help parents right now?

Matt, what conversations have you been having with IC clients around supporting parents?

Jen, what is your organisation doing to help support parents?

A discussion about the implications of gender imbalance and the recent survey data around women refused flexible furlough.

How can we help employees understand it‘s ok to flex and help managers and leaders understand that we need to accommodate this?

Do you have any particular advice for someone managing a single parent who doesn’t have any support at home?

Do we risk alienating those that don‘t have children but have other caring responsibilities? Are we disengaging them by putting parents on a pedestal?

To what extent is this an opportunity to refocus priorities/workload to avoid people working into the evening and burning out?

How can we support employees who work set shifts and don‘t have as much flexibility?

Has there been any particular tech or apps that has helped you and your kids?

Any thoughts on mobilising non-comms stakeholders to think about the company‘s Covid-19 offer to colleagues? Too often it seems to be left to comms to own the action.

Our thanks to Jen Butcher for sharing her insights and experiences.

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