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The path to Digital IC enlightenment

Rapid evolutions in technology now allow people to share ideas, express feelings and collaborate in their personal lives in ways that weren’t possible five or ten years ago.

And yet, communications in the workplace often seems some way behind...

At home, email is often just a graveyard for our Amazon receipts; we’re much more likely to speak to friends and family using rich communications platforms like Whatsapp or Facebook, via Instastories, Snapchat or iMessage. Yet in the office, email often remains our key communications channel, if colleagues even have access to that!

Why the disconnect?  Couldn’t we be communicating more efficiently? More immediately? More interestingly?

But where do you start? Often the task of taking our existing digital communications framework and elevating it to this level can seem daunting at best, impossible at worst. But the fact is… it’s not impossible, and it doesn’t have to be the big painful journey some Internal Communications teams fear it is!


Help is at hand!

We’ve helped a ton of our clients – retailers, electronics manufacturers, financial businesses, fashion brands, hospitality brands – focus and enjoy clarity around their digital communications journey and deliver fantastic platforms that bring their employee engagement activities to life in new, exciting digital ways.

We’ve also learnt a ton along the way, and built a robust framework that helps our clients on this journey, based on our four key pillars of ‘digital internal communications enlightenment’

We invite you to click through and read about each of the pillars above, to understand how, as a collective, they can create the foundations of a successful digital communications strategy.


Where are you on the path?

You might recognise yourself as strong in some categories, not so strong in others. We invite you to take our ‘digital diagnostic test‘, to find out exactly where you are currently on your digital journey!

And of course if you’d like to speak to us about how you can unlock the power of an engaged and online employee community, then do get in touch! We would love to help you on your digital journey and make the most of these new ways of communicating and collaborating.



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