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Is Workplace by Facebook a game-changer? Find out from our Head of Digital, Tony Stewart, who tells us more here…


As an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) geek, I got particularly excited when Facebook announced it would be entering the fray of enterprise communications tools with its own offering, ‘Workplace.’

And why not get excited? Social Intranets and Enterprise Network tools have really come on leaps and bounds, and the landscape of these tools is constantly changing; new platforms like BeeKeeper, innoloop and Slack are taking on the more established platforms like Jive and Yammer.


Now enter Workplace. Could it be the force that really shakes things up and gets all our employees connected and collaborating?

There’s little official information out there – but with more of these early adopters on board, more details are emerging.

As such, my ESN pal Sharon O’Dea and I have been discussing/geeking out about the potential for the tool, and the feature-set, for a while now – so we decided to host an online Blab to discuss the implications of the tool on internal communications, collaboration and the digital workplace landscape. We were also joined by the ever-awesome collaboration champion, Luis Suarez too.

Blab have since folded, and our online session was lost, but I’ve re-recorded the main points for you in the short 15 minute video above, to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.