Communication strategy and planning.

An IC strategy is essential to help you and your team decide where to spend your time and energy, track your success, and manage the expectations of your stakeholders. Our expert consultants can provide an outside view to identify and articulate your plans.
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How we can help.

A plan that ladders up to your organisation’s priorities

To deliver measurable impact, your IC activity should directly contribute to the strategic priorities of your organisation.

Through our virtual workshops, we can help you map what you need more and less of in order to run a high value-adding internal communication function.

Plan on a page

A tool to help you have great stakeholder conversations

A great IC strategy can fit on a single page – it will show what objectives you’re working towards, and what building blocks you need to deliver them.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or refining an existing plan, our consultants can support you to make sure your plans are clearly defined and easy to understand.

Getting leaders on board

Knowing what not to do

When budgets and resource are limited, sometimes stopping activities is more powerful than starting new ones.

Through our interactive virtual sessions, we can help your team analyse what takes up their time and coach them through deciding which tasks do and don’t add value.

How do I say no

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