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15th Jan 2024
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World Changers returns for 2024. Bigger, bolder and even better.

Jeremy Petty
Jeremy Petty
World Changers

Five years is a long time in the world of work. And that’s without the impact of a global pandemic.

Put simply, we’re in a new era of work and with that comes huge challenges and opportunities to shape something better, for everyone.

But what does that look like? What’s going to impact how we get there and how do we stay one step ahead?

Brightest voices. Burning questions. Better business.

In World Changers 2024, our consultants, expert guests and clients prioritise and predict what matters most for 2024 and beyond, surfacing the key actions IC, HR and leaders can take to navigate the journey and achieve a brilliant experience for their people, increasing productivity and profitability.

This report sees the team explore themes of cultural intelligence, diversity and inclusion, the link between wellbeing and productivity, the evolution of the HR function, the rise of AI and the changing employer/employee relationship, to highlight just a few.

But this year, we’ve gone above and beyond. Building on our previous editions, World Changers 2024 introduces greater interactivity and accessibility with live polls, data visualisation and a companion audiobook, making it a valuable tool for professional development, insights and planning.

Just like the world of work, World Changers continues to evolve. We hope you enjoy our fifth edition and look forward to hearing what you think.

Find out more about World Changers 2024.

What does World Changers 2024 bring to the table? We asked some of the team who bring it to life.

"The expert voices we weave to the topics really differentiate World Changers from other reports. We look for voices in fields outside of our own to really bring that that fresh insight to our readers. It's the hardest part of bringing this report together, but it's also the most rewarding. I absolutely love having the conversations with our experts."

Lindsay Kohler, lead behavioural scientist

"This year we've got 'burning questions' embedded throughout the report. This gives you an opportunity to interact (anonymously) in real time, and see how your peers are responding. I'm really excited to see these in action."

Lisa Hawksworth, director of culture and insights

"The accessability and flexibility of this year's report it where it's at, for me. It's pinchable, scrollable, and hugely digestable. And the companion audiobook means you can step away from the screen, but still stay immersed.

It takes months of tracking insights, trends and client conversations to surface the most important issues employers are facing. Our mission is always to be practical, offering actions alongside the predictions. I'm very keen to hear how these land this year."

Elle Bradley-Cox, senior editorial consultant

"I'm a big fan of the little interactive touches we've added throughout. They're subtle but they really elevate the design

I've been so inspired by editorial styles this year and how these translate across devices to bring the best possible experience for the reader.

Craig Bentley, head of creative consultancy

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