18th Sept 2023
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PODCAST | Ep.8 Keeping Me Sweet

Elle Bradley-Cox
Elle Bradley-Cox
IC & Engagement

The talent vacuum is real. Too many clever folk are leaving work for countless reasons – many beyond anyone’s circle of control. But one thing businesses can influence is culture.

Culture is often seen as a bit of a nebulous concept. Tricky to measure, and hard to quantify, what makes up the DNA of an organisation can be hard to pin down. But not impossible, as Lisa Hawksworth, our director of culture and insights, is on a mission to prove.

In this episode Elle Bradley-Cox sits down with Lisa – who lives, breathes and probably dreams about company culture – to talk about the workplace war for talent and why a cracking culture is the secret weapon.

We also ask team scarlettabbott their reasons for leaving a previous job: was it sour? And, when the world of comms can be a difficult, thankless job, the comms community share what keeps them sweet.

    Listen to the episode

    Cut to the chase:

      • We ask team scarlettabbott their reasons for leaving a previous job, and was it sweet or sour? – 01:14
      • When comms is one of the hardest working most underappreciated roles, what keeps us sweet? We asked the community – 06:24
      • Queen of culture Lisa Hawksworth on how to keep your right-fit talent – 08:20
      • What makes a good culture? – 16:12

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