12th Jan 2023
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The World Changers Report returns for 2023

Rachel Thornton
Rachel Thornton
Culture & Insights

Welcome to our fourth annual World Changers Report.

As we left 2021 behind and reflected on the change it wrought, little did we know how much deeper we’d need to dig to survive and thrive in 2022 – or how accurate our world-changing predictions would be.

So, what will 2023 offer and what do we need to make our worlds of work better than ever? Strength and energy – that’s what’s coming through in our interviews and discussions with leading experts. If we can bring that, as individuals and as organisations, it will set us apart and supercharge our success. But to do so, we need to cultivate resilience, and manage and refocus our energy where it can have the greatest impact, to get the results we seek.

In World Changers 2023, our consultants, guests and clients analyse the workplace trends of 2022, prioritising and predicting what matters most for the year ahead – all in our pragmatic, outcome-focused and actionable style. It’s a tool which IC, HR and employee engagement pros and people leaders can use to navigate the coming year.

We hope that World Changers continues to stretch your thinking, sparks debate and helps us all to be even better. We’d love to hear from you, so please let us know what you think.

Find out more about World Changers 2023 and get your copy.

Thoughts from some of our World Changers creators

"World Changers. The highlight of my year! It’s such a joy to work with our team to find out what’s on their client’s minds and shape that into 10 strong themes. My thanks go to our expert voices: people who’ve given up their time and energy to share their insights on what we’ve dreamed up. Editorially, we work so closely and always challenge each other to make sure we’re truly hitting that brief of ‘world-changing’. I’ve tested a couple of them out on a client and hearing the words “bang on the money” was a quiet relief! Now’s the litmus test, as we release it to the world. I’ll be fascinated to hear what people think."

Elle Bradley Cox, senior editorial consultant

"World Changers is a huge collaborative effort from the whole team and that goes for the design, too. It goes without saying that the visuals and user experience has to stack up with the content in terms of quality so we endeavour to do that. By pushing the boundaries of what’s possible using dynamic online publications we try and create the most engaging read we can. Adding a level of interactivity, sound and animation hopefully gives the world changing content an extra dimension that enhances the reading experience."

Craig Bentley, head of creative consultancy

"To say bringing World Changers to life takes a village would be an understatement. I’m constantly floored by the pedigree of expert voices who contribute to this report. But, I also love providing an insightful, thought-provoking piece of work that doesn’t just talk in broad strokes — but actually gives anyone responsible for employee engagement practical advice on how to improve the world of work for their people."

Lindsay Kohler, lead behavioural scientist

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