10th Jan 2022
3 Min Read

The World Changers Report returns for 2022

Rachel Thornton
Rachel Thornton
Culture & Insights

Welcome to our third annual World Changers Report. And if there was ever a year in which the world genuinely changed, it was the last one.

If 2020 was the year of reaction, as we reeled to cope and change, and 2021 the year of reflection, as we struggled and strived to understand what it all meant for us personally and professionally, 2022 has to be the year of action. Why action? Because all that resilience borne of struggle and wisdom forged from shared experience now needs to be harnessed and applied to becoming even better in our worlds of work!

In World Changers 2022, our consultancy experts, guests and clients have joined forces to analyse what’s gone and what we believe is to come. This report grew over the last three years from the seed of an idea to an annual analysis, companion podcast and monthly webinar.

We're excited about the voices and opinions you’ll read in it, some of whom feature in my recently released book Even Better If.

While our report puts a lens on some complex topics, it also features predictions and actions that will prove invaluable to HR and comms pros and business leaders as we navigate 2022 and beyond.

We hope that World Changers expands some thinking, challenges some ideas, inspires some change and even raises some eyebrows. Please do tell us what you think.

Find out more about World Changers 2022 and get your copy.

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