1st Feb 2023
3 Min Read

PODCAST | Ep.1 Harnessing your rebels

Elle Bradley-Cox
Elle Bradley-Cox
World Changers

First came the Great Resignation. Then, the Great Re-evaluation. If we’re facing into or living through a Great Recession, what comes next – a Great Rebellion? Naming workplace shifts in people dynamics has become trendy, but it overlooks the fact that it’s individual desires and wishes driving this change. And it’s your workplace rebels leading the charge.

This got us thinking about our own rebellious moments. So, we asked team scarlettabbott – a right little bunch of workplace rebels to tell us about their memorable pushbacks, whether it’s from SA or elsewhere, and if they lead to change or just frustration?

We also talk to lead behavioural scientist Lindsay Kohler about why we need to understand the intent behind the dissent and how to separate the innovators from the agitators.

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