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2nd Feb 2020
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2020 World Changers report

Rachel Thornton
Rachel Thornton
World Changers

The 10 future world of work trends leaders need on their horizon.

We hear it constantly. ‘The world of work is changing.’ But, what does this really mean for employees, leaders, and businesses? What are the unmet needs we should be aware of and the potential impact these needs could have on our ways of working?

We know, from decades spent supporting internal communications teams, that the demands of day-to-day delivery can make it difficult to scan the horizon and think big picture and long-term.

Passionate about helping organisations create worlds of work where people can be their best, feel their best and do their best, we created the World Changers report.

We interviewed internal communications leaders from some of the world’s biggest brands, reviewed the data from hundreds of hours of audits, and talked with our experts in employee engagement, change communications and behavioural science to identify the ten key trends that will change our worlds of work.

Looking at the trends set to impact on people, purpose and productivity, we explore themes such as mental health and connectivity, the red herrings in digital transformation, the evolving expectations on leaders and more. And what’s more, we provide key takeaways and practical advice for business leaders in internal communications and human resources teams.

"We’re in a uniquely privileged position to spot emerging trends and align them to wider, long term global issues, providing solid advice for tackling those challenges."

Rachel Thornton, co-founder.

Our comprehensive World Changers report includes:

  • 10 key future world of work trends
  • Analysis from our employee engagement and behavioural science experts
  • Comment from internal communications leaders for global brands
  • Key takeaways for business leaders, in-house internal communications and human resources teams

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