Communications deep-dives.

Focused research to explore how people use, receive and engage with communications
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Communications deep-dives help you:

    • Explore specific topics with academic rigour
    • Identify and address root causes
    • Solve sticky issues or reach tough audiences.


Communications deep-dives are all about getting to the bottom of specific issues or challenges. They go beyond the headlines and what we take for granted to identify, understand and address the underlying root causes below the surface.


Maximising engagement with your communications, and removing barriers, starts with understanding and insight. While it’s important to get a lay of the land, a deep dive allows us to explore specific issues with depth and focus, whether it’s specific channels or hard-to-reach audiences or demographics.


We’ll start with a collaborative workshop, where our scarlettabbott measurement experts will work with you to explore the issue, define research parameters and identify your outcomes before we agree the approach. From there, we’ll work collaboratively and use our 360-degree approach to research using quantitative, qualitative and ethnographic methods. This will give you a full, detailed picture of that topic and tactical recommendations to address its root cause.

Interested in how a communications deep-dive could help your organisation? Get in touch.

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