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Senior Writer and Editor Elle Bradley-Cox joined our Content team back in February and, after three months of working together, Head of Content and Channels Laura Good turns the tables on the interviewer to talk all things SA.

Laura: Hi Elle! It’s your turn to sit in the hot seat today…

Elle: Yeah, thanks Laura, it’s not my natural place in life, I much prefer being the interviewer, not the interviewee!

L: Don’t worry, I won’t go all Paxman on you. So, the obvious first question has to be, how have you found the last three months?

E: Ha! A nice easy one to start with. The last three months have been pretty awesome, to say the least. It’s been a little while since I was surrounded by such a talented group of intelligent, creative people and it’s helped me find my purpose again. Our team has such a positive effect on my mood, the work I produce, the way we come up with ideas, everything, really. It ups my game massively. I’m at my best when I’m collaborating on something – and it produces the best work for our clients, too.

L: It’s great to hear you’ve settled into the team so well, Elle! Ah yes, our clients – tell me a little more about the work you’ve produced with them.

E: I’m lucky enough to work with some fantastic clients who put their complete trust in me – and that’s how we all work best. We challenge each other, listen to new ideas and that gives us the freedom to work up some truly unique work. It might not have been part of the original plan – but that’s half the fun and it always gives a better result for them and their audiences. Trust and respect aren’t received or given lightly so I value that more than anything.

L: What have you done to build those relationships so quickly?

E: Well, I’m all about making every phone call and meeting count and give real value. I’m always interested – everyone’s got a story to tell and I love bringing the best out of my interviewees. I like to laugh, nothing is so serious that we can’t crack a smile together about it. Laughing can relieve any tension in the room as long as it’s genuine. And I’m an open book. What you see is what you get, and I think people value my honesty. I’m never brutal but I’m always clear.

L: Let’s get into the crunchy stuff then: what do you love about #TeamSA and what could we be even better at?

E: Easy to find the loves – it’s all about the people. Daunting though my first week was – in absolute awe at the talent that’s in this chapel – I also felt reassured that I’d finally found what I’d been looking for. No need to cue U2 and soul search any more. Oh, and the fuddles (food huddles to the unfamiliar). Josh’s potato salad for the win, every time!

It’s harder to say on the ‘even better ifs’ really – and I appreciate I’m coming across as very biased! What I’d love to do is walk our clients, or more often, their senior leaders, properly through our creative process. We work hard to tailor messages to the audience and what they have time to read – I work my copy until it sings and lifts off the page. In communications, it is ever changing, and we can and will always be flexible. If we’ve agreed to work super hard on cutting down jargon in our products and writing short-form stories so they’re accessible for our clients’ colleagues, being dealt a card later on in the process that involves re-writing or re-designing when we’d all agreed on a brief is tricky. But that’s easy for me to say without the context of the decision, of course!

L: Last question then: what top tips would you give to anyone wanting to join the agency world?

E: Working with a rainbow variety of clients, you need adjust your style to each one at the drop of a hat. Be present when you’re here – by that I mean engage and listen and contribute where you can add value. We can’t carry anyone, so you need to bring your A-game, be super organised and own your sh*t. Once you’ve done that, enjoy agency life! I find so much daily delight in our team. From Dictionary Corner – stop by at 5.15 for your daily dose of word wizardry – to creative brainstorms where we pump the very best out of our collective brains, there aren’t many spare moments and certainly no down time. It’s a kaleidoscopic whirlwind but I wouldn’t have it any other way.