Developing your content strategy.

For great content to be sustainable, it requires a strategy and a few simple – but essential – components. With these building blocks in place, you’ll have a content strategy that wins stakeholder buy-in, smooths the path for delivery and maximises your budget too.
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How to develop a content strategy.

You need a high-level content strategy

To manage your workload, priorities and stakeholders, this plan sets out your goals for the next twelve months. We’ll help you craft that plan onto a single page in a 90-minute workshop, defining what topics you’ll cover and how (and, importantly, which topics or types of content you won’t deliver)

What will we say and when

You need regular support to provide content

Managing multiple topics, contacts, formats and versions is no easy feat. A regular editorial board can help make this process easier. Our team of writers and editors are here to facilitate, bring inspiration for story ideas, reach out to contacts, conduct interviews and create content – on anything from a quarterly to a weekly basis.

I cant do this alone

You need a detailed content calendar

Sometimes referred to as ‘air traffic control’, this calendar maps out what content will be published on which channels and when, and quickly becomes a vital stakeholder management tool. Our content specialists can help you manage the population and maintenance of this plan on a month-by-month, so you can concentrate on other things.

Day by day

Your facilitator

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Lisa Hawksworth
Director of consultancy

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