Building a connection with leaders.

Efforts to increase, or even just maintain, leadership visibility in the new world of work requires a specific set of tactics and interventions. Not only do you need the channels through which to reach your people, you also need to coach your leaders to deliver the authenticity and transparency that will gain trust.
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How to influence your leaders to be the best possible role models.

You need to empower leaders to present their best selves with impact:

Authenticity is the key to building trust. Many senior leaders have developed their careers in a culture and hierarchy that are rapidly becoming outdated. Employees expect different things from today’s leaders. Our team of expert consultants and coaches run presentation impact training and 1:1 coaching to enable leaders to show up in the best way.

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You need to help leaders achieve cut-through on digital channels:

The analytics that intranets and ESNs provide reveal that some leaders are naturally more influential than others – their posts achieve much greater engagement. Our team of consultants will help you identify which leaders and subject matter experts would benefit from a better online presence. We’ll work with you to provide step-by-step guides, messaging frameworks, tone of voice and good practice examples to help them share their message with impact.

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You need to give employees anytime access to leaders:

There are some questions that can only be answered by leaders, but building the time into their schedules to invest in responding to employees’ concerns can be difficult. We have a range of solution to achieve that reach – from classic town-halls held virtually, to live ‘YamJams’. We can even turn FAQs into chatbots, where questions are answered with short video clips from the relevant leader.

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Alastair Atkinson
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Rachel Thornton
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Lisa Hawksworth
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