11th Sept 2020
3 Min Read

VIDEO | Resetting strategy. Getting back to business

Kate Went
Kate Went

As we draw up our plans for 2021, we’re facing a world of work dramatically different from the one we knew at the start of this year.

Strategies have had to evolve at pace to accommodate the huge changes impacting our organisations. It’s been an exhausting ride but we’re only really getting started. The long-term work starts now.

So, as we prepare our post-pandemic plans, how can reset our strategies, align our people, galvanise the workforce and get back to business?

scarlettabbott co-founder and director Rachel Thornton, senior consultant Alastair Atkinson and our guest panellist, executive leadership coach Charlie Sampson discuss and take your questions.

Watch the session.

Looking for a specific question? Here are the time stamps.

Introduction to the session and panel.

Let‘s define what we mean by ‘resetting strategy‘.

What have you seen in the last two months that indicates it might be time to regroup and reset?

What‘s going on in the heads of our leaders right now?

As comms pros, if we‘re going to help leaders be agents of change, what are the questions we need to be asking?

Al, you‘ve been advising a large corporation through this recently, can you tell us more?

As individuals leading teams, how do we move our own mindset forward from the pandemic and back to clear strategic thinking?

28:13 Do you think it’s harder to unify and excite people around a common strategy with most employees still working remotely? How can organisations rediscover their sense of togetherness?

For employees, has the ‘what‘s in it for me‘ perspective changed and will this impact on how we set strategy going forward?

How can we help our people buy into the strategies we set now when the risk of uncertainty and change is still so high?

Have your own mindsets towards strategy changed this year?

What are your best tips for resetting strategy?

Looking for more guidance on how to reconnect your people with your strategy?

Our helpful guide gives clear advice to help you bring everyone together and reconnect with your strategic plans when working remotely.

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