25th Jan 2021
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scarlettabbott launches World Changers podcast

Elle Bradley-Cox
Elle Bradley-Cox
Culture & Insights

Oh hello, 2021. You’ve sneaked into our lives, churned out the longest January ever – yep, we’re still in it – and the future remains, well, somewhat foggy at the moment.

Never fear, though, it’s about to get all kinds of prescient, as we’ve unleashed a fresh World Changers report, covering what we saw, heard, felt and learned in 2020 – and using that to power insights into the coming year.

And I’m excited to share another development in the works: World Changers, the podcast.

Inspired by the report, each month, I’ll be taking listeners deeper into our topics. You’ll hear from the people who predicted them, industry experts and our big creative thinkers behind the scenes.

If you’re an internal comms or HR pro – or are just fascinated in how the world’s changing and what that means for you, do join us.

Listen to World Changers

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