10th Aug 2022
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PODCAST | Ep.7 A beta experience

Elle Bradley-Cox
Elle Bradley-Cox
World Changers

All hail digital, the saviour of remote working.

When the world turned upside down, we embraced digital fast, too fast! Many organisations didn't deliver it well. And now digital has a real image problem. But if we look at digital as an experience, instead of just another set of channels, it has the potential to revolutionise how we network and collaborate at work.

Or head of digital Tony Stewart chose this theme as his World Changer for 2022 report. In this episode, Elle, Tony and Lydia Edwards-Massie explore how we can move from a beta to a better online experience and Elle chats with Rob Fawkes, Head of Sales and Marketing at Community Engagement agency Standing on Giants, about the parallels of internal and external communities.

Want to skip to a specific section? Here‘s what we talked about:

00:00 Intro the session and roundtable with Elle, Tony and Lydia

01:25 Tony, what are you observing in the digital post-pandemic workplace?

05:05 Lydia, you've been working with British Transport Police to launch Yammer. What were the priorities and goals in that project?

06:33 Tony, you've just produced a video called '7 pillars to digital success', tell us about that.

07:77 We're being told that community lives back in the office. What do you think?

09:53 Let's talk about Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. What does his recent video to the insta-community teach us?

16:19 Lydia, tell us some tips and tricks we can take from your project management expertise to create a superb digital experience

18:46 Tony, are there any new platforms really exciting you right now?

21:55 Interview with Rob Fawkes, head of sales and marketing at Standing on Giants

22:26 Standing on Giants' work has historically involved external customer communities. But it's recently started to shift into internal ones. Talk to me about that.

26:09 Let's talk about the power of active listening

28:50 Tell us about the similarities and differences you've notices between internal and external communities

33:04 We talk about measurement a lot here. What does that look like in your world?

35:42 What are some of the pitfalls clients make when setting up an online community?

40:28 Rob, who do you nominate as your 2022 World Changer?

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