3rd Apr 2023
3 Min Read

PODCAST | Ep.3 The new office etiquette

Elle Bradley-Cox
Elle Bradley-Cox
World Changers

An increasingly large number of people are back in the office, while others continue to collaborate virtually. So, what virtual-first lessons can we adopt for hybrid working? You might be surprised: it starts with etiquette.

Everyone knows not to heat up fish in the office microwave or take the last biscuit, right? Because when we’re all in one place, a code of etiquette arises. Yet in our virtual-first worlds of work, we’ve had to learn these unwritten rules – for example, taking turns to shoulder the unsociable meeting times across time zones to adopt asynchronous working.

In this episode, senior editorial consultant Elle Bradley-Cox talks with cultural anthropologist (and snappy office dresser) Dr Alex Gapud about proximity bias in the hybrid world and how managers can educate their people to get around it.

The scarlettabbott team gave us some of their workplace pet peeves – like an unannounced call or an ignored Teams message – and we asked the wider comms community for their opinion on the shift in etiquette.

    Listen to the episode

    Cut to the chase:

    • We asked our team: what’s your number one workplace etiquette breach – 00:49
    • The connotations of etiquette – 04:16
    • We asked the comms community: how do you think workplace etiquette has shifted since the move to hybrid working – 05:16
    • The challenge of trust in hybrid working – 07:35
    • In conversation with Dr Alex Gapud – 08:22
    • Explore etiquette further – 21:19

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